Professor, School of Economics, Business and Finance
Fiji National University, Nasinu Campus, Fiji Islands
Contact Email ID : tkjayaraman@yahoo.com


I am teaching at the School of Economics, Banking and Finance, Fiji National University, Nasinu Campus, Suva, Fiji Islands.

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Journal Articles
  • Growth and oil price: A study of causal relationships in small Pacific Island countries.
  • Does external debt lead to economic growth in Pacific Island Countries?
  • Role of Remittances in Economic Growth in Pacific Island Countries: A Study of Samoa.
  • Financial Sector Development and Growth in Fiji: An Analysis of Credit Boom and Its Implications.

Working Papers
  • Role of Money in Pacific Island Countries.
  • How does monetary Policy work in Solomon Islands.
  • Policy Transmission Mechanism in Vanuatu.
  • "Shocking" Aspects of Globalization and Pacific Island Countries:A study of Vanuatu.
  • Dr Jayaraman is the first International Collaborative Partner of University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Perak Malaysia since October 2009 under the UTAR Global Research Network (UTARGRN) program.
  • Awarded Gold Medal for Economics, Vivekananda College, University of Madras,INDIA.
  • East-West Center (EWC) Grant, University of Hawaii.
  • Doctoral Intern Technology and Development Institute, EWC.
  • Fulbright-Mundt Travel Grant.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Research Papers
  • Economic Integration in the Pacific.
  • Single Currency for the Pacific Island Countries.
  • Monetary Policies in Pacific Island Countries.
  • Macroeconomic Interdependence of Pacific Island Economies.


  • USP School Seminar
  • Fiji Economics Association.
  • Reserve Bank of Fiji Economics Department Staff Seminar.
  • Reserve Bank of Vanuatu Seminar.
  • IMF PFTAC Seminars.

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